Sunday, November 18, 2007

Viking Project Update: Bondi Completed

Well, I've started to regain my enthusiasm for painting and gaming recently. I've been working through some gaming doldrums over the last few months. But I kept pushing on these models, doing a few here and there, and that eventually helped me work through the malaise.

Here is a shot of the two Bondi units. You will notice that I've painted the bases and movement trays different shades of green. I did this because all my Viking model units look about the same. The only way I'll know which model belongs with which unit is to distinguish them somehow. I thought giving every unit a unique shade of green would achieve this. Once I flock the tops of the bases, it should be a more subtle effect.
One of the Bondi units up close. The first row was dipped in varnish. But all the other models were washed with brown ink. I hated the varnish dip effect. The brown ink achieved about the same effect and preserved more of the models' colors.
Look! They're running away! Bondi are only leadership 6 -- so I thought this an appropriate shot. But actually I just wanted to show some of the shields in this picture.
So, just one unit of Bondi archers and three Hirdmen units to go and I'm done. The biggest challenge with these guys has been all the different clothes. They all have to have different tunics, pants, undershirts, hats, hair, shields, and cloaks. These guys were not pro-soldiers with uniforms. They had their gear, most of it handed down or part of some prior battle's spoils. So they had to be painted that way. It looks nice, but is a slow process!

I'm also in love with gray primer. It has added that drab look without deadening colors like black. Also, I can leave areas as primer gray, and it looks pretty natural for this group.

Well, that's all for now..... I've got my first unit of Hirdmen to get working on.