Saturday, April 26, 2014

Quick Update

Been a slow few weeks for me, and I haven't had a ton of enthusiasm for new projects. Therefore you see my production has dropped off. Fortunately I always have a gigantic stack of Reaper Bones and other Reaper models to work through for when I don't know what to do next.

Here are some odd models selected from the pile.

I really like the detail on these models. They're not all Bones, though; the Orc is metal as well as the little tree dude (forgot what it's called).  In any case, you cannot tell the difference between the two once painted.

The Orc and Warrior took quite some time, as they're overflowing with detail. Here's another shot of them to give an idea.

In any case, that's what I've been working on recently. I enjoy painting Reaper models, and have a ton more to do. I'll keep posting what I finish, but honestly all of my Reaper Bones and model posts are the least viewed articles on my blog. So I get the feeling I'm pretty much talking to myself here! Ha ha! Anyway, that's all for Reaper right now.

I've moved on to completing my 15mm Russians, which will be a large project. After that, I've teed up more WW2. Stay tuned!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Judge Dredd: Mega-City Street Gang

As promised, I continued to work on and off on my Judge Dredd collection. This week I'm posting the completed street gang that came with the starter set. As you can tell, I did decide to keep the loud, brash colors of the Judge Dredd universe. How could I really do anything else and still keep it in theme?

These were a lot of fun to paint, but took much longer than the Judges faction to complete. The reason is these gangs are all in different outfits, whereas the Judges wear uniforms. Painting uniforms allow for batching the models. In this case, I did one model before moving on to the next.

These are all just classified as Juves with some sort of club or gun. Nothing special to report but we'll take  closer look at them anyway.

On the left is a guy with a "Heavy Spit Gun", not sure what that is. The center model is the special leader that you get as part of the starter kit. Next to her is another girl with a gun. I've not read the rules so I've no idea how powerful these models are in game terms.  I'll say next to the Judges they look fragile!

Juve with a pistol on the left, a Psychic in the center, and a Juve with a gun and dildo club. (Sorry, immature humor is unavoidable for me.) I painted the eyes as black dots of "India ink" as a sort of tribute to the comic book look. It wasn't all that successful, but you can see that effect best in this picture.

More Juves with pistols and clubs, and suitably wacky hairstyles. The human traffic cone color scheme made for easy painting, I'll say that.

That completes what I have for Judge Dredd. Now to read the rules and find out if the game is actually any good. Of course, I believe it will be or I wouldn't have bought it. Regardless, I've wanted these models pretty much since I first saw them. Even if I don't like the game, I can still see myself buying a few more factions or models just to have in my collection.

Not sure what's next. I've been in a bit of miniatures funk for a while. I've been enjoying Heroclix and other collectible miniatures games and I've recently got back into Magic the Gathering. God help me with MTG, because it's crack on cardstock.