Sunday, July 27, 2008

Manowar Kovnik

As I mentioned in my last update, I've decided to get back into Warmachine and Hordes. This means that I'm mostly catching up on models that I've wanted but didn't buy when I was actively playing. I can't say that I'm actually "actively playing" right now. But I think I'll probably get the occasional game in when I can.

I really enjoyed painting this model. I'm not sure he's really a fit with my current model collection. As a Jack Marshall, he needs Warjacks that aren't focus hogs. My current Jacks are focus hogs. Well, I'll have to fix that with buying some more Warjacks! (If none of that made sense to you, it was all game related jargon anyway.)

OK, this model came out nice. Again, I can take my time with it and put the layers on nice and thin, etc, etc. Red is hard to highlight properly. It either gets too pink or too orange. I generally lean toward the orange if I have to lean either way. I think this model was as close to "neutral" as I've ever come.

Assembling this model, however, was a nightmare. I had to pin his axe hand into the arm, and then glue the axe to the shield for stability. It's not the pose I wanted, but it was the one that kept the model from crumbling each time I touched it.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Greylord Ternion

Now that I've completed my Lord of the Rings army, I sort of feel lost. I went back to the Ogre Kingdom project and didn't have any interest. I've only got a few models left to paint, but I can't get the interest up. I want to focus on just doing an odd unit or model here and there with no deadline for completion.

I got to play Warmachine the other night for the first time in almost 18 months. I had found myself enjoying it more than I did before. I was actually getting ready to sell my Khador and Legion of Everblight models. But now I think I may actually play Warmachine and Hordes again. So I picked up some Greylords, which I had always intended to get. They came out nicely, and I really spent time with these models. Here are some details of the unit leader.

I'm always amazed at how rough the paint looks on the models when photographed. They don't look this poorly blended in real life. It just makes me wonder what those Eavy Metal team models must be like in real life. They photographs look perfectly smooth!

Anyway, up next is more Warmachine. I bought a Manowar Kovnik, and will be putting him together soon. I'll probably do some Hordes, and then get working on my Lord of the Rings Corsairs. Those poor Ogres are going by the wayside for a spell!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Gondor Complete (Lazy Update)

My Gondor force is complete! In fact, I finished it about two weeks ago. I was too lazy to take pictures at the time. But after attending the Arizona Lord of the Rings Indy Grand Tournament I had some snazzy pictures taken of the force in action.

These pictures come from Cursed Treasures, Tim Kulinkski's esteemed blog. (Link is on the right.) The top shows most of my force all lined up for display. That's why there's two of Boromir in it, one mounted and one on foot. The other two photos are actual action shots of games in progress. The middle one features my knights bravely hiding from Uruk-hai pikes. The bottom shows the start of a highly successful charge into Dwarf rangers on a hill (the rest of the men are in the background).

The GT was by far the most fun I've ever had at a tournament. I truly enjoyed all two days of the event. Overall, I placed fifth out of 14 players, which is a lot better than I expected. The standings were pretty tight, too. I put a ton of effort into painting these guys, but I knew my dull color scheme would work against me. So I didn't place for painting awards. I did, however, win best sportsman!

I took home a lot of prizes. For best sportsman I got about 300 pts of Corsairs. (More pirates!) The the first place winner, Frank Brown, graciously refused his prize and asked that it be given to the best sportsman. Since I had a tie for best sportsman (I won it only by battle point decision) I split a Far Harad force with the other best sportsman (Rob Brightwell) and took home about 300 pts of Far Harad.

So you all know what I'll be painting next! Time to go evil! Seriously, LotR is probably going to become my main game. It's a great system and loads of fun!