Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Greylord Ternion

Now that I've completed my Lord of the Rings army, I sort of feel lost. I went back to the Ogre Kingdom project and didn't have any interest. I've only got a few models left to paint, but I can't get the interest up. I want to focus on just doing an odd unit or model here and there with no deadline for completion.

I got to play Warmachine the other night for the first time in almost 18 months. I had found myself enjoying it more than I did before. I was actually getting ready to sell my Khador and Legion of Everblight models. But now I think I may actually play Warmachine and Hordes again. So I picked up some Greylords, which I had always intended to get. They came out nicely, and I really spent time with these models. Here are some details of the unit leader.

I'm always amazed at how rough the paint looks on the models when photographed. They don't look this poorly blended in real life. It just makes me wonder what those Eavy Metal team models must be like in real life. They photographs look perfectly smooth!

Anyway, up next is more Warmachine. I bought a Manowar Kovnik, and will be putting him together soon. I'll probably do some Hordes, and then get working on my Lord of the Rings Corsairs. Those poor Ogres are going by the wayside for a spell!

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