Sunday, March 30, 2008

Project: Ogre Kingdoms

This is my latest project, Ogre Kingdoms. I've always loved the Ogre models, all of them. That's rare for me to say so about any army. (I guess I don't like Gnoblars, but they're not Ogres!) So it was a natural step to start collecting this army.

I've got all the models for the 2,000 point starting force built and primed. I'm working on one unit at a time, and am really taking it slowly. In fact, since an Ogre Kingdoms army is so small in size, I can really spend time working on the models. I spend hours layering skin tones up from a dark base on three Ogre models. It comes out to about the same time it would take to do a unit of 25 Orcs. So here are some representatives of my Ogre troops:

You'll notice that I left the Leadbelchers (the Ogres with the cannons for those who don't know) with very dark skin. This was intended to make them look like they are dirty from getting enveloped in clouds of black powder smoke. The rest of the Ogres will be really light skinned, to reflect their adaptation to life in the high mountains.

I really like the skin I've painted for these guys. The skin looks pretty smooth in person, while these photos make the transitions look pretty stark. Still, here are some details of the rear of an Ogre Bull unit and a profile of one. This is just to give a closer look at the skin.

Totally I've painted two units of Leadbelchers (shown above, two units of two each), and four units of three Ogre Bulls. I'm currently working on four Ironguts. But they got suspended as I moved over to work on my pirate crew. I'm really in no hurry to get these guys on the table. So I'm taking my time and doing these to my satisfaction. So far I'm really happy with the outcome. Let me know what you think!


Recently I've really gotten into Legends of the High Seas. This is an awesome game and is really unlike anything I've played before. I like playing a small scale game with a few models. I started to play Warmachine and Hordes for this reason. But in those games, it ended up becoming an arms race to armies of 50+ models all acting as individuals. Talk about boring and confusing. This game has an upper limit of 30 men. That's reasonable. Check out my starting crew. These pictures stink, but the models are some of the best I've ever painted. I'm working on more pirates to get up to my 30 max. I'll put them up as I go. The beauty of this game is that I've already started playing with just these nine guys.


Despite the dearth of posting, I've actually been quite busy with my figure painting. As you know, I was pretty spent after the Viking project. I doubt I'll do anything like that again for a while. I took a short break and started up a bunch of other things. I'll post up most of what I've done since Christmas. I did 16 Hormagaunts and two Raveners that I won't bother to put up. They didn't get a very exciting paint job. So I'll skip them. But check out their big brother......This guy came out very nicely. In fact, he looks better than the other two I have. So he's going to stick out a bit. The top photo has more accurate colors than the bottom one. I'm no photographer, and can barely work my camera.

I'm still deciding on basing for my Tyranid horde. In fact, I'm thinking of starting an entirely new horde with a whole new color scheme. Of course, that'd just cause me to have a nervous breakdown (not to mention buying a whole lot of redundant models). So it's just a thought at this point.