Sunday, March 30, 2008


Despite the dearth of posting, I've actually been quite busy with my figure painting. As you know, I was pretty spent after the Viking project. I doubt I'll do anything like that again for a while. I took a short break and started up a bunch of other things. I'll post up most of what I've done since Christmas. I did 16 Hormagaunts and two Raveners that I won't bother to put up. They didn't get a very exciting paint job. So I'll skip them. But check out their big brother......This guy came out very nicely. In fact, he looks better than the other two I have. So he's going to stick out a bit. The top photo has more accurate colors than the bottom one. I'm no photographer, and can barely work my camera.

I'm still deciding on basing for my Tyranid horde. In fact, I'm thinking of starting an entirely new horde with a whole new color scheme. Of course, that'd just cause me to have a nervous breakdown (not to mention buying a whole lot of redundant models). So it's just a thought at this point.

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