Sunday, March 30, 2008


Recently I've really gotten into Legends of the High Seas. This is an awesome game and is really unlike anything I've played before. I like playing a small scale game with a few models. I started to play Warmachine and Hordes for this reason. But in those games, it ended up becoming an arms race to armies of 50+ models all acting as individuals. Talk about boring and confusing. This game has an upper limit of 30 men. That's reasonable. Check out my starting crew. These pictures stink, but the models are some of the best I've ever painted. I'm working on more pirates to get up to my 30 max. I'll put them up as I go. The beauty of this game is that I've already started playing with just these nine guys.


Anonymous said...

Which manufacturer are the pirates?

Jerry said...

These pirates are Black Scorpion models. I also use Reaper models and GW Empire militia models as well.

Anonymous said...

Awesome, thanks.

Nice work, too.