Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Iron Fang Pikemen

Here are some pictures of my recently completed Ironfang Pikemen. I did 10 all together, but I'm only picturing two for this blog. I've never played a game of Warmachine before. I've played Hordes and liked it. So I'm hoping I like Warmachine. I put who knows how many hours into these figures. There are three base coat layers, five highlight layers, one shading layer, and two ink washes for just the red alone. Everything else took time as well, but the red just about caused me to have a nervous breakdown. How do these Golden Daemon painters spend the time that they do on one model?

Anyway, have a look at 'em. I'm quite proud and I think that they look really nice. I drilled out their pikes and replaced them with brass rods. They are not only sturdier, but also look straigher than the junky pewter ones that they came with.

Here's a detail shot of the IFP leader's face. It looks less smooth in this close up than it does in real life. But maybe that's because the camera is more honest than I am about my paint jobs. At any rate, the dude has a lazy eye, I know. That will happen when you spend as much time with blasting charges as he did.

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