Sunday, June 3, 2007

More Dwarfs!

So here are yet more dwarfs. Here is the command unit for my Quarrelers.
I hand painted the banner. In this pic it doesn't look so smooth. But on the table it looks more crisp than this. Dwarf players.... go look up that rune in your army book and tell me what it is.

Here's my lame BSB conversion. It's basically a regular warrior champ with an extra long pole and regular banner. But you get the idea. The banner pole is a brass rod.
There are more dwarfs waiting to be painted. I don't think I took photos of my longbeards. So, I'll do that later. I've got two bolt throwers to go, 7 more Longbeards, 24 more warriors, two more engineers, and 20 Slayers. That ought to keep me busy!


Pants said...

Strollaz rune eh?
Thats a fun one.
Over on my blog I am adding the miner test paint, my Dwarfs are coming along nicely, as I see yours are too. Perhaps this summer we shall see some Greenskin vs Dwarf? Or perhaps some of my Ogres?

My progression is slower because I am also painting some Chaos stuff as a commission.

Drunken Samurai said...

Looking good.

Jerry said...

Thanks guys for checking out the blog. I'll have to pop into your blogs and have a look around as well.

Pants, you're doing commission stuff now! That's great news! Also, are we playing the same armies these days? I've got Ogres on deck as well.