Saturday, October 15, 2011

28mm WWII: More US Reinforcements

Time for the Saturday update.  This was another slow week in terms of actual production.  I jumped around a lot and worked on a few different things.  I'm currently fiddling with the GW forest models.  Good lord those things are a pain.  But I'm tired of Woodland Scenic trees shedding all over the place.

I think I'm done for now with my US Rangers.  I've added in more figures, bringing it up to a full strength platoon of two rifle squads, a command squad, tank, and several support weapon options.  I might buy another tank and an infantry gun to really call it complete.  Here's what I added this week.

Here are eight more riflemen.
Four more Thompson SMGs
Two more riflemen with grenade launchers.  These are both Victory Force miniatures.  I show them here with a Crusader rifleman for size comparison.  They really mix in nicely and the models are outstanding.  I really like these miniatures.
The Rangers used to share storage space with my Germans.  But the US forces have grown so numerous that they've graduated to their own storage box.  Now the Germans look really anemic in comparison.  I guess I'll be beefing up these guys next.  Where does this end?!