Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mighty Armies: Amazons

I've finally got around to snapping some shots of my first force for Mighty Armies. This is a 15mm fantasy battle game which has multiple models per base. I've played a few test games, and it's a fun and quick-playing rules set. I already have three forces for the game (technically four, since I bought enough Dark Elf minis to make two forces). I ordered from different places, and the first to get to me was my Amazons force.

Here's an overall shot of the entire army, eleven stands total.

Here are some details of what you're looking at above.  First is the Amazon Princess, the army general. At first I wondered why she was so much smaller than all the others. I think it's because she's supposed to be younger, maybe?
Next is the Amazon Queen, who acts as a spell caster in the Amazon army.
The boxed set I picked up had a single stand of "Blade Dancers" which looked like girls in sun dresses. I've no idea what their back story is in the game. In terms of mechanics, they're good fighters and resistant to magic as well as unhindered by terrain. That's some special dress the girls are wearing. I'll need more than just one stand for them to be effective.
Finally here are the main body of troops, warriors and archers.

Despite the small size it took longer than expected to paint these models.  There's a lot of detail on each, and totally I used 7-8 colors. While this is a standard sized force, I'd like to have other options. So I'm going to pick up Spear Maidens (light infantry), more Blade Dancers, Panther Riders (cavalry, probably heavy cav), and even some gryphon riders for flying units. Everything you see above, including the bases, cost me $23. This is not an expensive game to buy in to. So adding all these additional units is not a hit to my wallet.

I've got Lizardmen (or more appropriately, Salamander men) on popsicle sticks now. The Aligatormen mounted on wooly rhinos look awesome!  Once these are done I'll probably switch back to my Flames of War stuff.  There's a bunch of stuff for my Americans that I want to get done.


Mike G. said...

Looks awesome.

Jerry said...

Thanks Mike! They were fun to paint.

Tom O said...

Looking good Jerry!

Jerry said...

Thanks Tom!