Saturday, April 13, 2013

Bolt Action Painting Challenge, Part Four

Here is the final installment for the Bolt Action painting challenge. Despite this being the smallest installment of the whole challenge, I was worried I might not make it this month. I had forgotten to order my tank, and since it came direct from Warlord the shipping took a long time. I received the tank earlier this week, thank goodness.

Here's the last of the points. It's about 285 points, which catches up all the carry over from prior months. You're looking at a T34/85 medium tank and a medium mortar team. The rifle squad is my free squad for playing Russians in this game. I lined their bases with green, since that made good sense for inexperienced troops.

I didn't bother taking pictures of the rifles, since they're the same models you've seen for the last three months. Also, they show up fine in the enlarged picture.  Here are a few more details of the other units.

The plastic tank went together like a dream. I really enjoyed putting it together. The decal sheet was a nice touch. The slogans actually come with translations. The one I chose reads, "For Stalin!"  I have no idea if the other numbers or markings I used are historically accurate. If they're not, sue me.

I was going to place the whole army on the table for a nice group shot, then I got lazy. Since I've been showing them in their storage box, I snapped a picture of that instead.

So my Dark Age models moved out and I have plenty of space to store a few more models in the box. I have multiples of the heavy weapons left over. I plan on painting those one day. For now, I'm plenty tired of painting Russians every month. Time to put the lid on this and stick the army in mothballs until it's ready to hit the table.  This completes my fourth army for Bolt Action and other WWII games, and probably completes the 28mm WWII armies I want to own. At least for now....


Drunken Samurai said...

Nice work Jerry! Let me know when you are ready for a game.

Da Green Skins said...

How does it feel to finish your army? I am on track to have mine done by the end of the month. Your army looks great can't wait to see them on the table.

Jerry said...

Thanks guys! It feels great to be done, and I would like to try out this army some time. Over time, I can add different units to change things up a bit.

Tim Kulinski said...

Good to see you finish strong Jerry, nice work and well done!

Jerry said...

Thanks, Tim! You too. We managed to finish this on time!

Anonymous said...

Randomly stumbled upon this page.

Do you know what's written on the tank?

It's "Сталина", or if I was to use Latin alphabet - "Stalina", which in Russian is a feminine version of Stalin's last name. For example Stalin wife's last name would be "Stalina" - Russian's crazy, I know.

I suppose it should've been "За Сталина" - "For Stalin" - which makes perfect sense to write on a tank of course.

In case your browser can't display Cyrillic, the word before Stalin looks like this: "3a"

Sorry, it just bothers me. Your tank looks awesome and real, but that "Stalina" looks like it was written by a retard, totally destroys immersion.

Jerry said...

Given no one I know speaks Russian I'm not too worried. The 3a was there but it's not obvious it belongs to the decal.

Thanks for the tip.