Sunday, June 30, 2013

WW2 in 15mm: Japanese

Despite the "blog silence" I've actually been quite busy painting miniatures. I've just been lazy about documenting what I've done. Realizing I'm not going back to document this stuff, I decided on this next round of the project that I will do better documenting progress.

This round encompasses the Pacific war. While I have a platoon of Japanese in 28mm already done, I don't have any US Marines or suitable terrain in that scale. Seeing how I was able to pump up both my US  & German troop choices and Northern European terrain for a reasonable cost in 15mm, I chose to leave the 28mm stuff behind. The 28mm Japanese can still work with Bolt Action, as long as I throw in a few guns and tanks to round out my choices. I just doubt they'll ever see the table.

OK, so here's the first squad of 15mm Japanese.

Totally there are 13 soldiers, including 1 squad leader and an LGM. These are Old Glory models, which look great and are very affordable. At 50 models to a pack, I have more Japanese than I'll ever need.

I've made some improvements to my color schemes from the 28mm versions I did. Mostly their webbing and legging colors are more "accurate" this time around. I'm not a stickler for historical accuracy as long as they look about right. After all, I'm probably the only one to ever see these models in action.  I'm lining up these forces for another campaign from Britton Publishers, Operation Stalemate II, which is 11 scenarios based on the 1st US Marine Division's assault on Peleliu.

As I complete more of these models, I'll document my progress.  The next two squads aren't going to look any different from the ones shown above. So I'll probably do an update once the three core squads of the platoon are done as well as the HQ squad and some of the supporting units.

It will take me a while to get everything ready for the new campaign. I have to do US Marines as well. So I don't expect to begin play until Sep/ Oct this year. It's just good to have a goal to be working towards and I don't mind the long wait.


Tim Kulinski said...

Nice work man, they look good. Not sure you saw this, but flames of war just released a Japanese list in the latest war games illistrated, it looks like they are finally going to tackle the pacific war.

Da Green Skins said...

Those look great Jerry.

Jerry said...

Thanks Tim! That'd be great to see them take on the Pacific war. That'll mean more model and terrain choices, all good things. Also, I probably will have half of a Japanese army in left-overs from the OG bags.