Saturday, January 18, 2014

First Models of the New Year

After a short break from painting models I'm back at it. I've got a lot of miscellaneous stuff sitting on the table to paint. Up first are three vehicles I need for my on-going 15mm WW2 project. They're relatively small and painted up quickly.

Here we have, from left to right, SDKfz 250/7D 8cm Mortar Carrier, Panzer II, SDKfz 234/4 Armored Car. These are all Battlefront miniatures.

The tank is probably the most unique choice here. In my games of Platoon Forward, I often roll up light tank support options and don't have any suitable models.  After some research on what might serve for this in a German list, I found out that the Panzer II was still in use during the late war, albeit in a reduced role for scouting / recon. I tried to research camo schemes for the PZII at this stage of the war, but found nothing but early war stuff. Well, since it's only me, I went with this late war camo thing I've been doing. Made sense to me, anyway.

I also tested Plastic Soldier Company's Dunkelgelb spray paint. I've used Vallejo's Middlestone for this color, but I'm sick of wasting time with brushing on this stuff. The PSC spray paint was much brighter and more intense in color. I have no idea what real dunkelgelb would've been like, but I bet it was quite varied in intensity due to a lot of factors. So, I was happy with it.  I also used their decals which I got at the same time. For what they charged, I'd have liked more decals than I got.

So, not much else to say about these models. I'm at work on more Bones models, working on the fantasy version of "tanks" for my tribe of orcs!

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