Saturday, February 1, 2014

Big and Bad: More Reaper Bones

In an effort to put a dent in my Bones collection, I worked on a few of the larger creatures that came with my Kickstarer. I haven't got around to the giants and dragons, but I've been thinking about getting them together soon.

So here are the big and bad boys: a gnoll archer, ettin, and ogre. Click for a larger picture.

These models had an amazing level of detail and were very crisp castings. I think they were all Tre Manor sculpts, but I could be wrong. The blue stuff hanging from the ettin's belt are two fish, which I though was a characterful touch. The ogre's shield is interesting, and I imagined that he covered it with tanned hide, probably human!  The gnoll is a nice addition to the other Reaper Gnoll.

I imagine these guys could serve as bruisers and tanks for my orcs and give a little variety to the force. I'm looking forward to trying them out together in a game of Savage Showdown.

After completing these models, I wanted to keep going. I have so many other projects in the pipeline, I felt a little guilty for it. However, I couldn't resist giving these bruisers something to beat on. So, here are three models that I'm planning to use as rangers.

I've actually painted these models before in metal, except for the middle one which was a new sculpt for Bones. Painting them again did not bother me, and provided a chance to re-base them and do a different color scheme. I did these in analogous forest greens and browns, trying to make them look more like a "unit." These will serve as leader and hero figures for the "good guys."

To give a sense of scale, here is the group all together.

Now you can see how meaty those big guys are! I'm pretty satisfied with these models. However, I've got to get moving on other stuff. I'll come back to my Bones collection soon.

Up next will be 1/600 scale planes for an up-coming Guadalcanal air war campaign. Check back soon for the first installment of US planes.

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Deano said...

Like the Reaper stuff. Hey Jerry it has been quiet on Solosaurus lately. If you get a chance check out my new Solo Tabletop Roleplaying Game on Kickstarter. An article on your thoughts would be an honor!