Saturday, March 3, 2007

Battle for Skull Pass Dwarfs

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm getting ready to paint up a Dwarf battalion box. That's a lot of models, about 44 of them in fact. I've always liked the Dwarfs, and while I'm not sure if they're really "me" in terms of play style, they are certainly fun to model and paint. So I'm going in on an army for that alone.

I've decided to show the Dwarfs that I have painted. These all come from the Battle for Skull Pass starter boxed set. I completed these over Christmas vacation last year. I had injured my back and couldn't do much of anything. So I painted all of these models. I have yet to decide how to base them. I've got some ideas for a "sand and scrub" type of thing. But the Dwarfs cover so much of their bases, this might not work.

At any rate, here are the Dwarfs. These are the first models for which I ever painted eyes with an iris. In these close ups, they sort of look freaky to me. On the tabletop, however, you can't even tell I painted the eyes. No matter what, they were good practice for me.

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Anonymous said...

Just got this set for Christmas, and am using your pics for inspiration.

Great job on the painting.