Sunday, March 25, 2007

Dwarf Warriors

So, I've been every so slowly working on my Dwarf battalion boxed set. Here are thirteen warriors meant to round out my Battle for Skull Pass warrior unit. These look a lot better than the BfSP warriors. So maybe I'll move them to the front ranks, except for the command group of course.

As you can see, I have not based them in anything yet. They don't really have much showing for bases. So I'll probably just do sand and some clump foliage. Of course, my photography stinks. So you can't really see how well they came out. I was particularly proud of the robes for some of these guys. Here's a detail shot of the robes.

Once again Blogger will not let you expand these pictures. This feature is so goofy that I cannot figure it out. But then again, I don't think anyone is actually visiting this site. So I'm essentially talking to myself in cyberspace. I guess I've done weirder things, but this is still pretty weird. At any rate, since I have no visitors I'm not going to struggle with fixing this problem.
On the odd chance that there is a visitor, accept my apologies for the small pictures. Trust me, they are enormously sized on my computer. Don't know why it won't work on Blogger.


Anonymous said...

There are at least eight people reading your blog, friend! A bunch of us here at a local hobby shop love looking at your minis and getting inspiration. Good job!

Anonymous said...

you did a really good job with painting. can you maybe email me some tips? i just started dwarfs. its my friends email, but we share it for warhammer newsletters from gw. lol