Saturday, April 5, 2008

New Look for the Blog

With all the spring cleaning going on, I've decided to update the look of my blog. I think the old template I used to get started was looking a little drab for me. So, here are the new colors, fonts, etc. I think this is easier to read than white on black and that weird font I had before. Also, I deleted a few old posts that were not related to miniatures. I updated my profile with a new picture too.

This blog has basically become my miniature and war gaming blog. I might pepper in a few personal things here and there. But overall, I think the theme over the last year has been miniatures. So I cleaned up things to reflect that. Anyway, not much new to report.

On the mini painting work table I've got:
  1. Bunch of pirates, about 14 more
  2. 4 Ogre Ironguts
  3. 2 Ogre Butchers
  4. 3 Ogre Maneaters
  5. 1 Ogre Gorger
  6. 1 Ogre Tyrant
  7. 10 Tyranid Gargoyles (I might use these for a different Hive Fleet)
So I've got plenty of posts to keep this going for the near term, as long as I can paint these. I'm getting more and more interested in doing LotR as well. So maybe an entire new army is on the horizon that is not on my plan! Thank goodness I hate plans!

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