Monday, May 19, 2008

Gondor! I finally given in to Lord of the Rings.

Here are some mediocre pictures of a sample of my Gondor forces for Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle games. This is the last of the GW "big games" that I haven't yet invested in. (I include Battlefleet Gothic in this, even though it's a specialist range game. It still seems there are a lot of players for BFG. Someday I'll post pics of my fleet.)

I am sorry that I have taken this long to discover this game. It's probably GW's best game all around. All the models are beautiful. The rules are easy to learn. The strategic element is deep. And my most recent, but now most important, criteria: you don't need 150+ models to play a game that will last an evening. This game 100% rocks!

So, I got the Gondor battle host boxed set to start and got a few heroes to lead the army (Boromir is my star leader these days, though I have Faramir as well.) I've assembled all of them and began playing immediately. I broke my vow to never play with unpainted models. But there's a Grand Tournament in July and I want to be ready for it. I don't want to show up having only every played three games.

So, while the pictures don't show it, I think I did a good job with these models. Of course, they don't really compare to many of the other great painters out there. But compared to my own progress, these are way above what I was doing this time last year. I find that the better I get a painting, the longer it takes! Weird! These pictures are a sample of 4 of the 12 that I have completed. They all look about the same.

In the wings, I've got 8 spearmen, 8 bowmen, 6 knights, 6 fountain court guard, a Standard Bearer, Beregond, and Boromir (on foot and mounted). That will complete the force for the GT, but not all the models I have. Needless to say, the Gondor boxed set is an insane value for what you get. I've put my Ogres on hold while I finish off these models. From now until the GT in July, it's basically going to be only LotR for me.


AlwaysHungry said...

I always like seeing the finish products

Jerry said...

Thanks so much for the comment! I really appreciate that. I just posted this too, like 30 seconds ago.

Sean Ramirez (dvdhwk) said...

Looking good! Keep 'em coming. July 5th will be here quick!

Tim Kulinski said...

Nice work Jerry, now get the rest of them done! ;-)

Jerry said...

Thanks guys! I finished 4 spearmen last night.... and plan to get the majority of the archers finished as well as the remaining spearmen this weekend.