Monday, May 19, 2008

Project: Ogre Kingdoms -- Gorger

So it has been a while. My Ogre Kingdoms project was derailed by my recent "discovery" of Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game. Now Games Workshop completely owns my soul (not to mention wallet). I've been working on assembling and playing with my Gondor force rather than painting.

But I've gotten back on track. I've got only six more Ogres to go, 3 Maneaters, 2 Butchers, and the Tyrant. I've been saving the best for last, so that I'd be inspired to complete them. As for this Gorger, it was my first time painting anything "white." Hopefully, you like it.


Drunken Samurai said...

That thing is cool. Is that a GW figure? I have never seen that guy before.

Jerry said...

This is an Ogre Gorger model and it's certainly a GW model. Most OK players say these guys suck, because they show up randomly. Therefore, apparently they're not used that often. Still, I think the models rock and therefore I will put one into my army. They're a rare choice and only come in unit sizes of one.

Pierre said...

hello I'm french (so excuse me for my level in English) and I am in admiration for your dwarf. I also want to paint warriors dwarves and I would like to know the different colors and technique that you used?

Jerry said...


Your English is fine. Thanks for looking at my Dwarfs. My basic technique for warriors was to prime black, put a dark basecoat down, then a midtone, and finally a highlight. For flesh I used GW Dark Flesh, Tanned Flesh, and then Dwarf Flesh. For extreme highlights I put in Elf Flesh mixed with a little Dwarf Flesh. But I only did that for leaders. Let me know if you have other models more specifically that you want to know about.