Monday, April 11, 2011

Annual Bonus Bonanza

So bonus time has arrived and unlike years past I don't have to apply it all to paying down debt!  Hooray for discretionary funds!  As I considered how to make the most irresponsible choice for spending extra money, miniatures came to the top of the list.

As the dearth of posts for the last two years demonstrate, miniature gaming has been off my radar for one reason or another.  But times have changed and I'm experiencing a renewed excitement for all thing "mini."  So I've decided to build out that Tau force I started a few years back.  I've always liked the models and wanted to expand my collection.  This will make my third 40K army, Ultramarines and Tyranids being the other two.  I hear Tau suck in 5th ed.  But this doesn't matter much, because I have personally sucked in every edition.

I also picked up some miscellaneous Lord of the Rings blisters.  These are just filling holes in existing armies, as well as additions for a planned army (ah-ha, a teaser for another post).  It was a lot of fun to get out and tour the different stores and spend my money.  Thanks to Drunken Samurai for driving and Tim from Cursed Treasures for coming along.  It was a great time, and probably something I won't get to do again for a long time.

Here's a shot of what I picked up.  I've got a lot of work ahead!


Tim Kulinski said...


No problem, Rob & I are always good at making you spend money! And you enjoyed YC's Mongolian to boot!

Jerry said...

So true, Tim! And YC's turned out to be really good. That's saying a lot coming from a dedicated burger and fries guy.

Drunken Samurai said...

Nice load of loot! Now get that Tau army painted! GW just release a new Tau FAQ and they are looking much better.