Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Tale of Four Lord of the Rings Gamers, Phase One

So the first month of the challenge is on, and I've completed my 175 points of Elves.  Meet the gang.

I have Arwen leading eight swordsmen and three archers, a merry little band on a romp through the forest.  It comes to 175pts on the nose.  Originally I was going with an Elven Captain to lead this group.  He's very "fighty" but I can pick up two extra models if I drop him and replace with Arwen.  Besides, I've never used magic before in all my LotR games.  So that's my motivation in selecting her.  Here's a more detailed shot.
So next up is another 175pts.  Since this is an Elf army, I'll basically be adding more warriors as I go.  Spearmen will make an appearance next time.  I also plan to replace Arwen with a Stormcaller.  I like that figure and would also like to check out how it works. Somewhere Elrond will show up.  At 170 points he'll fulfill a month's quota for the challenge.  I'll save him for when I need a break!

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