Sunday, November 13, 2011

15mm Sci Fi

I've had this itch for a while, and decided to scratch it several weeks ago.  I've had my eye on these 15mm Sci Fi models from Rebel Minis.  The Earth Force models remind me very much of some small models I had as a kid.  I'm not sure what the size of those models were.  I had bought them for use in the Traveler RPG that I was in at the time.  But it was short lived and I was stuck with the minis.  Long gone, I thought I'd never see anything like them again.

Well, now I have a whole Earth Defense force that look just like them.  Here they are.
The picture color is a little off.  They are more of a terracotta color rather than the orange you see here.

It wouldn't be right if they didn't have someone to fight.  So I picked up another army from Rebel Minis, the Sahadeen.
The great thing about these two armies is that I have over 20 soldiers, two MG/Heavy Gun teams, and three specialist weapons for each army.  The grand total outlay was only $35 for two complete armies!  That's like two blisters of GW models.  Cost wise there's no comparison.

Few people in my regular gaming group play at this scale.  So I'll use these figures for solo games of 5150 from THW.  I think 15mm scale might be the perfect scale for solo games.  Since you need at least two forces,15mm is a lot cheaper and paints up quick.  Also play and storage space demands are reduced.

All I need is a few vehicles to spice up things.  While I probably won't invest heavily in this scale, it's a nice change of pace and worth keeping in mind for future projects.


Da Green Skins said...

What rule system are you planning on using. You know I like the small scale models, EPIC is a great game and it is 6mm. If you need someone to push your models around let me know.

Mike G. said...

Jerry, the models look great. Remember, I have a scourge force I can fight against you with too.

Rabidchild said...

I'm looking forward to using the same two forces on a mars table with some buildings from Blue Moon miniatures. I love how simply you distilled the difference between open 15mm sci-fi and GW, brilliant!

Jerry said...

@DGS: For 15mm rules I'd probably go with Gruntz. I have them and never finished reading them. 5150 Star Army is probably better off as a solo game, Im guessing.

@Mike G.: I haven't forgotten. We'll have to plan something soon, now that my stuff is ready.

@Rabidchild: I saw the Blue Moon buildings and liked them. I may pick up some of them one day, especially since my collection 15 mm terrain collection is nil. What rules were you planning to play with?

Rabidchild said...

I have a handful of rules sets that might work for 15mm but I think either Tomorrow's War or Gruntz will do the trick nicely. That said, I did buy a .pdf of the OP4S beta test rules as they look innovative and $5 buys all future versions as well. Me and the guys at are just recently post-gw and feeling out our new freedom. :-)

Jerry said...

I'm feeling "post GW" myself these days, with the exception of Lord of Rings SBG. I'll have to check out the rules you mentioned and Tomorrow's War looks interesting.

GW has essentially priced me out of their game systems. I can't justify the costs any longer. I could do what they want, which is to buy a set amount of models every month. But I don't want to take two years to get together one army. So I'm searching for something new and different.

Rabidchild said...

Exactly my thoughts Jerry. I sent a link to this blog entry to several friends because you summed it up so well with you "two armies or two GW blisters" phrase. Tomorrow's War is a beautiful book and the online community over at Ambush Alley's website is outstanding. But really it's that I've discovered that I like scenario games better than points driven games and TW caters to that; I'm looking forward to stating up the models I like in a way that makes sense.