Monday, November 28, 2011

Return of the Tau

I sure am painting a lot of GW figures for a guy who's claiming to be "post GW."  I had last week off for Thanksgiving, but paradoxically didn't have much free time.  The time I had, I put into painting up more Tau.  Here are my Stealth Suits.

I would've had them done faster were it not for having to slop on three coats of Graveyard Earth paint.  Why are all my favorite colors so transparent?  Oh well, they are done now and ready to join the others in the big box.

When I said post-GW, I guess I mean I'm not buying into playing their games the way they want me to, or even using their figures for their games.  I played a solo game this weekend with 40K figures but using the 5150 Rules.  I really liked it.  I will probably do more of that.

Also, I'm not doing the "huge army" build up that GW wants me to do.  I plan on playing small, skirmish or scenario based games.  I'm not worried about force org charts or squad sizes (both which are designed to sell figures more than provide game balance).  I won't even touch Warhammer Fantasy, as that's just beyond ridiculous.

Well, that's probably the topic of another post.  In the meantime, I'll just keep painting whatever grabs me that day.


Tim Kulinski said...

Wow those look nice man, good work.

Jeremy said...

i like the tau models, these sculpts just remind me of the warriors from hitch hikers guide to the galaxy with the big heads.

Drunken Samurai said...

Nice work! When are we going to get in a game? I have lots of IG that has never been on the table.

Jerry said...

Thanks guys!

@DS, I'd like to take these Tau for a test drive some day. Let me know what works and we can figure it out. All the models are assembled, not all painted yet.