Monday, December 5, 2011

Inquisitors, Heretics, PDF, You Name It

My friend, Tim, donated a lot of his old Void figures to me.  He has had them for years and never found a use for them.  I eyed them as generic Sci-Fi models in 28mm.  But as I looked these over, I thought they'd be right at home in 40K.  I know Tim uses Void minis for some of his Inquisitor-themed forces.  I hoped to do the same thing.

As I painted these minis, however, I started to feel like these models would make great adversaries in 40K scenario based games.  The looked just left of "Imperial standard."  So maybe they're a heretical sect of the Imperial Creed, or maybe they are a rebellious planetary defense force.  Some of the models could pass off as Inquisitors in their own right.  Maybe they've succumbed to chaos?  There's lots of cool ideas when you let go of Codex rules and force org charts!

Here are some pictures of the models.  I like red.  So you will see that in full force here.

This guy is probably the "big boss."  The two chicks reminded me of Death Cult Assassins gone wrong.  They could also pass off as "Mad Max" types.  At any rate I got to paint purple and violet hair, which was cool!
Here's the "spiritual leader" as I see him.  The dude with the big weapon was neat.  In 40K games, that might be a plasma or melta cannon style of weapon.  In other systems, like 5150, I think it qualifies as a "Big Ass Gun."

Some regular dudes shown above.  The guy with the impossibly huge sword reminded me of some sort of "champion."  I gave his armor a different color with red tie-ins to the main theme.  I figured he must be special to be able to carry a big sword.
So there's the group shot of the collection to-date.  I actually have twelve more to add to this.  But my Sisters of Battle just came in and I'm anxious to start those.  I'll return to these guys shortly.  These were a blast to paint and to think up little stories for them as I went.


Da Green Skins said...

I don't know how they are going to work in 40K however I really like the way you painted them. I think those are just some great models.

Jerry said...

Thanks Mike! They'd never work in any official 40K list. I was thinking scenario based games where maybe the enemy is a rogue PDF force or a group led by a heretic. Maybe they'll never be used at all!

Tim Kulinski said...

Nice Job Jerry, those look a heck of a lot better than when I gave them to you!

I like the colors you came up with as well. The figures remind me of necromunda figures or a necro Gang.

By the way, forgot to give you a couple of other SoB figures.

Jerry said...

Tim, I can definitely see that. In fact, that's sort of what I was thinking, even though I never played Necromunda. I'll find a way to work these into something one day!

Scott said...

I guess they'd definitely work somewhere in a rogue-trader or necromunda universe...