Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Arcane Ruins -- Curses Included Free!

At long last sick and tired of piling things on top of my box of Arcane Ruins, I assembled and painted them.  They went together easily and painted up quickly.

Here are more pictures of it than you really want to look at:

I must warn you that there are special curses reserved in this box.  GW apparently included them for free.  Do you think I'm making it up?  Consider this:
  • Shortly after opening the box and beginning my assembly, I knocked over a new bottle of liquid cement.  It rushed over my glass table like a Testor's Tsunami.  I dove on top of it to absorb the glue with my body, saving the arcane ruins. But my Sisters of Battle bases were melted!  Emperor preserve us!
  • In the final stages, I unknowingly got paint from my fingers all over my Kindle.  I thankfully got it all scraped off and was glad to have avoided the problem --- until I found the paint all over my pants!  Noooooooo!
  • The contents of the box exude a faint evil.  People left me alone while I painted.  But more importantly, long term exposure to this model sapped my intelligence.  You see while I left all the dolmens unglued for easy storage, I stupidly glued the main obelisk in place.  Now I can't store it flat.  The horror!

So what do you think?  Too many coincidences?  I think so.  Work with this set at your own peril.


Scott said...

LOL, you posts often give me a laugh Jerry ;-)

Not sure about this kit, but one (other thing) GW seem to have buggered up, is their current new style paint pots.

If you open the lid, it wont stay open at a suitable angle to get your brush in, and if you crank it back enough to do so, the paint all runs out from the lid (after you have shaken the pot to mix it before opening of course), down the back of the pot, so when you pick it up, yep - paint all over your fingers! Come on GW - you've been making paint and pots for long enough now - cant you get it right yet? Go back to old style that Foundry still use and contains 18mls of paint - not 12ml !!!

Sorry for mini rant Jerry but your - 'paint all over your pants' made me think of this...

Jerry said...

Thanks Scott. I'm glad you enjoy some of these less "serious" posts. I totally agree with the paint pot problem you've described. I've gotten into trouble with that before. Unfortunately this time it was due to my painting my own fingers while I held parts of the model.