Saturday, April 21, 2012

Adding to the Flames

Flames of War is a game that I've wanted to like for a long time. Everyone else seemed to really enjoy it, but I couldn't get into it.  However, recently, I think I've turned the corner with this game.  I find myself looking forward to the next opportunity to play it.  In fact, I'm adding units and thinking of trying new things.  Hence, the subject of today's post.

I've been playing a US tank company for North Africa.  It seems my gaming group has landed at the oddball points total of 1625, and now that has become our group standard.  I thought I had that many points in tanks but discovered I had miscalculated.  So to remedy that, I added in two recon platoons.  Here they are in all their reconnaissance-doing glory.

 I basically just had to add two M2 half tracks to make these platoons.  I snagged the infantry stands out of my rifle company.  The jeeps are from Old Glory's Command Decision line, and I already had them as well.  Since these two platoons are pointed so cheaply, adding them still doesn't stretch me to 1625pts.  But I plan to drop one recon platoon and add another Sherman, which will put me almost to the exact mark.

Here's the full Tank Company as it is today, without the extra Sherman tank.
You can't see too many details in this photo.  What I have in the front are the Company Commander and 2iC in M5A1 Stuart tanks.  Flanking the recon platoons are two Sherman tank platoons.  Tucked into the back is another light tank platoon of M5A1 Stuart tanks.  The Stuarts are also from Old Glory, in case anyone is interested.

What I like about this force is that it is compact and very portable.  For the most part, it was very inexpensive to buy.  I'm finding the game easier to learn by just playing with tanks.  Adding these recon platoons will introduce a new facet of the game to me.  I wonder how they'll play and how to best use them.  I gave each platoon bazooka teams, since I'll be playing other tank companies.  Otherwise, these guys won't have much to say on the battlefield.

As I mentioned, I have a full US Rifle Company for North Africa.  I'll break out those models and take a picture of them.  I have never documented my Flames of War armies.  So I'll get to that soon.


Tim Kulinski said...


Nice additions my friend, heck your starting to get fast with painting. The force looks great, can't wait to see them in person.

Jerry said...

Thanks Tim! I'm interested to see how these recon units work. I didn't give too much thought to adding them other than they were fairly low points.

I only had to assemble and paint the M2s and Jeeps. Otherwise, I just lifted the infantry from my rifle platoon.

Drunken Samurai said...

Very nice stuff! Now we just need to get you into a few more games and you will be fully hooked.

As a side, the 1625 pt level is because that is the point level for the mid-war nationals tournaments. Most of the qualifiers are of the same point level so lots of people are building armies for these events. Even though I don't do tournaments it makes it easier to find folks to play against...and one point level is as good as another.

Jerry said...

I think I'm getting there, DS. I've always wanted a regular WW2 game to play. This may end up being it!