Sunday, April 1, 2012

Warmchine and Hordes!

I have finally decided to get back into Warmachine and Hordes.  I've actually wanted to get back into these games for a while.  But I didn't have anyone in my gaming group interested in playing.  However, I've found someone who is willing to play these games with me.  That's all I needed for the green light to get more models.  Actually, I own a few that have hung around for years.  Now I'm finally putting them together for the table.

I've got a collection of Khador for WM and Legion of Everblight for Hordes.  Both have been documented on this blog. I'm more interested in Hordes at the moment.  Also, I'm interested in Circle of Orboros more than LoE.  So I started a (very) small collection of Circle models.  I can use my LoE models to re-learn the game.  For WM, I'm still fine with Khador.

Up first is the excellent plastic Warpwolf model.  This looks so much better than the metal version.  I was surprised that it didn't go together with plastic glue, but still needed super glue.  It's a great sculpt and feather-light. The kit allows you to build three versions of the Warpwolf.  I chose the Feral Warpwolf build.

I like the way this face came out.  Here's a close up shot of it. 
Of course a warbeast is nothing without a warlock.  So I picked up the variant of Kaya the Wildborne to keep the big beast company.
 So you have a sense of scale, here is the sum total of my Circle forces as they stand today.  The Warpwolf is pretty big.

Since I have Legion of Everblight models.  My friend donated an extra Forsaken model he had but couldn't use.  This picture came out fuzzy, but looked OK on the camera.  I really need to go back to my iPhone for its camera.  It's a lot better than my Canon Powershot.

I don't even know why I'm showing this, since the picture is shit and it looks like I painted it black and gray.  I guess I'll retake a better one some day and re-post it.  This came out looking nice, but I didn't follow my LoE paint scheme from years ago.  Frankly, those old models don't look so good next to my latest stuff.

Finally, for Warmachine, I had an Ogrun Bokur model I purchased years ago.  I had no plans to use him at the time.  But I loved the look of the model and wanted it in my collection.  I think he came out nicely.  I'll have to find a way to fit him into games somehow.

Since he's a mercenary, I gave him what I felt seemed like a neutral "military scheme."  He's like a US Sherman tank, only with a big polearm!

This model has a great face, and I thought I did a fair job painting it.  So here's a close up. And no, I didn't use Micron pens to dot the eyes.  That's paint.

That's all for now.  I still have a Khador Warjack hanging around from several years ago.  But I want to focus on filling out my Circle of Orboros force and adding in a few more elements to LoE.  I haven't actually played a game yet since I left of with this years ago. But I'm pretty excited just to be working with these miniatures again.


Da Green Skins said...

I don't remember you every asking me about playing these games. I have a small painted circle army. I would love to get back into this game one day. It was always fun to play and cool models. I like the fact you don't need a lot of models to play. We really need to get together and play some games soon.

Jerry said...

Wow, this is great news! For some reason I had you down as "no thanks". Then yes, we must get back into it! I have to relearn everything from the start.

Scott said...

Nice figs Jerry.

Jerry said...

Thanks, Scott!