Sunday, May 27, 2012

15mm Sci Fi Vehicles

When Rebel Minis had a sale a few weeks ago, I picked up a some items to round out my 15mm forces. I needed vehicles to give some variety to the foot troops that I had collected.  Here's what I've got.

These are supposedly APCs, though they look more like tanks to me.  I struggled a bit with a camo scheme, since I wonder if camo would add value in a futuristic setting. But I decided they'd probably do camo for low tech enemies.  So this is the scheme I devised.

Next up is something like a dune buggy of sorts. It's the Earth Force Gila, but the model comes with a Sahadeen driver.  I thought this looks like something those guys would drive, and added him as the driver instead.  I don't think he's clearly visible in the photo. It was a nice kit, with three weapons options.

Finally every sci-fi army needs a walker! Actually every sci-fi army needs multiple walkers! I only got one to test things out.  I'd love to do armies of nothing but walkers, which would work in 15mm. I just needs good rules for something like that. I painted this walker in an urban camo scheme, and had a lot of fun weathering it.

So with all these 15mm sci-fi guys running around, I wanted to get them on the table. I tested out a game of FUBAR for 15mm sci-fi, which also had supplemental Rebel Minis rules.  At one page per rules set, for free, it's definitely something worth trying.

I won't go into a detailed report. I played Sahadeen and my opponent played Earth Force marines. The Sahadeen are really weak, and while EF Marines aren't "all that" they are a lot better than Sahadeen.  The FUBAR rules have some interesting mechanics in activation as well as reaction.  Because the Sahadeen were rated as "Green" troops they didn't activate much and tended to stand around and get shot to bits.  When they did shoot, they almost always missed.  I'm not sure I'd play this version of FUBAR again given some of the imbalances.  But for what I paid to get the rules (nothing) and for the time invested in reading them (10 mins, while we were playing) it wasn't all that bad.

Here are some pics.  My Sahadeen (foreground) activated a couple of times and missing their enemies in the wood and getting shot to bits in return.
 Earth Force Marines hide in cover from a withering hail of Sahadeen fire.... which always missed.  Why hide?

We called the game since EF had suffered one casualty to about 15 of my own, as well as destroying my buggy.  But still, the figures looked good on the table!  I'll just need a different rules set for them.


Tim Kulinski said...


I have been thinking a lot about scifi forces in 15mm. It is interesting that you posted this, we will need to talk tomorrow about this>

Jerry said...

I'm really enjoying this scale, and the low cost opens up a lot of options. There are several rules sets out there, and I own a few. I've not played them, though.

Da Green Skins said...

Jerry have you looked at Future War Commander? I have a copy of the rules if you want to take a look at them.

Jerry said...

Mike, I haven't heard of Future War Commander. I'd be happy to check them out, as I haven't settled on any rules set yet.

Mike G. said...

Future War Commander is a decent set of rules but I do think they work better with multiple figures on the base.

For 15mm sci-fi individually based, Tomorrow's War may be the way to go.