Saturday, May 19, 2012

15mm WW2: US Rifle Platoon

As I stated in a prior post, I'm updating my WW2 forces to 15mm scale for use in Nuts! and other WW2 games like Victory Decision.  For those who just like pictures, here they are.  I'll post some commentary after them.

First is the entire platoon, including three support weapons (MG, mortar team, and flame thrower). These are mostly all Battlefront miniatures. Sorry about the hot spot in the photo.

Here are some close ups.  You have two riflemen, a flame thrower, BAR gunner, and a medic. The medic and the flame thrower are left-overs from my Command Decision figures I used for FoW.

I actually completed this platoon over a week ago and haven't had a moment to take pictures. Since that time I've managed to get both the US and German forces on the table.  I played a co-op game of Nuts! with my son.  Both of us were surprised at how nice this scale looked on the table.  In some ways, I felt they looked better than my 28mm stuff.  I suppose the smaller scale makes things look more detailed than they are.  The game itself was a lot of fun, and my son has promised to play again.  That's quite something for a teenager raised on video games!

So 15mm is going to be my scale of choice, especially for anything by THW. It's cheaper, looks great, and stores easily.  Except for buildings, all my current terrain works with this size.  Acquiring new terrain will also be cheaper. 

On the 15mm front, I'm working on additions to my 15mm sci-fi forces.  After that 'm going to put together some stands for Mighty Armies.  That game looks good, and I can use the bases for solo / co-op games of Rally Round the King.  For less than what it would cost to buy a single Ogre Kingdom Tyrant I can have a completely new fantasy army.  Can't beat that.

Now having just said all that, I've still got lots of plans for 28mm stuff. I'm polishing off some Witch Elves that might make it into a Kings of War army one day.  I'm also looking forward to Empire of the Dead, and the possibilities of building forces for that game as well.  Then there's Dust Warfare too.  So 28mm isn't dead, it's just no longer the only scale I'll consider.


Scott said...

They look good Jerry!

Jerry said...

Thanks so much, Scott! I feel like I'm forever painting the same figures in different scales. So the practice is starting to show.