Thursday, September 27, 2012

Pulp Adventure Time!

Last Sunday I played a game of pulp adventure with my friends, Tim and Rob. We used LotR SBG rules for the game with a few minor adjustments. By adding in rules from the various "Legends" books we had just about every situation covered.

Tim has a big collection of desert stuff, and mummy stuff in particular. So we played a scenario reminiscent of the Mummy movies. I've played this particular scenario once before and it's fun. We're planning on running it for a larger group of four (four players and Tim as NPC). Tim has all the figures, but only has three "teams" created.

I've been wanting to start a pulp figure collection, and now's the time! So I now present to you my "Stereotypically Evil Oriental Pulp Characters."

Here's the team together. I'll give you the low-down on each after this.

I would call them "Team Primaries" because I noticed I painted them red, yellow, and blue. Too late to fix that. Besides the name is not suitably "pulp." So I now present:

The Very Evil Kang Xiang Long, master mind and pet owner!

Xiang Long is a Chinese Qigong master and mystic. He seeks knowledge of the ancient mummy magics of Egypt. He also quests for colorfast bleach to preserve the brightness of his robes. But that's a different adventure.

Meet the Very Evil Kang Xiang Long's daughter and assistant, Kang Xiu Fang.
Miss Kang serves her father in carrying out his nefarious plots. Educated at Harvard, she's an automatic bitch. And she has a gun! No one knows how old she or her father really are. Ancient Chinese secret.... or worse? (gasp!)

The Very Evil Kang Xiang Long has a disciple in martial artist, Chan Li.
Despite the startling resemblance to Bruce Li, there is no connection. However, Chan Li suffers from a strange madness that causes him to tear away any shirt placed on him. He's just ripped! Chan Li has found a great master in The Very Evil Kang Xiang Long, learning the deeper mysteries of the School of Washboard Abs fighting techniques.

The final member is the silent but deadly Zhou Bao.
He is new to The Very Evil Kang Xiang Long's team. Zhou Bao's motives remain a mystery, but he is unquestioningly loyal. He removes his shirt to try to be as cool as Chan Li. Since he lacks an abdomen, this usually fails.

So that's the pulp group. I went with a Chinese theme. They are all Reaper models except Zhou Bao, which is a West Wind Samurai Wars figure.  At first I was torn between a Chinese or Japanese theme. So I picked up a few more Reaper models with a Japanese flavor.  Here they are:

I figured they could be justified as reinforcements that The Very Evil Kang Xiang Long has brought in from Japanese occupied Manchuria, or that he just has buddies from Japan.  Right now, these models aren't part of the team. The geisha, who is really an old Edo prostitute, could be used as a "Wanton wench" character from the LotHS book.

I'm excited to see what rules Tim will make for these guys. As martial artists, I think that their hands can count as hand weapons in combat.  I also think that every time you refer to my boss, The Very Evil Kang Xiang Long, you must say the whole name or you lose. He's not Kang, not Xiang Long, no TVEKXL. He's The Very Evil Kang Xiang Long. If you don't say that, you lose the game! Such is his sinister power!


Scott said...

Excellent Jerry - shades of "Big trouble in little China" and 'Fu-ManChu'... ;-)

Love the red robed daughter - very appealing ;-)

Jerry said...

Thanks, Scott! I had more fun coming up with these silly stories than painting the models. The daughter model is my favorite. It think I got that one right!

Drunken Samurai said...

Name dropping Tim but no mention of the person you actually played against? I see how it is.

These are really nice and you painted them in record time. Nice work!

Jerry said...

You know that's a good point, Rob. I've fixed it in the post now. I think I just blocked it out because I callously opened fire on your team. It must be psychological. Sorry about that!

Anyway, thanks! I really had fun painting these models.

Tim Kulinski said...


WOW you painted those quick and they look awesome man! These are perfect for the game and look forward to having this "Very Evil" team on the board!

Great Job man, now we need Robert to assemble his team!

Jerry said...

Thanks Tim! I was really motivated to get moving on these.