Saturday, September 1, 2012

WW2 Micro Armor: US Armored Infantry

This must be the year of going small for me.  When I converted to 15mm for a lot of my games, I thought I couldn't go any smaller.  But now I find myself the proud owner of WW2 US Armored Infantry in micro armor scale.  I don't know how small that is, but it's small!

These are all GHQ models from the Combat Command boxed set, US 1944 Armored Infantry Combat Team. I threw in an extra blister of Sherman tanks.  What you see above are:
  • 9 infantry stands
  • 6 jeeps
  • 2 bazooka team stands
  • 1 M20 armored car
  • 3 M8 Greyhound armored cars
  • 1 MA41 mortar carrier
  • 3 M10 tank destroyers
  • 8 M4A3 Sherman tanks
  • 8 M3A1 half tracks
That's a pretty sizable forces For those who are unfamiliar with micro armor scale, here is a picture of the force next to a US penny.

That's pretty small! While painting that small was not too difficult, and American armor is s cinch to paint, assembly was a massive pain. The armored cars had to have their cupolas and machine guns glued on. The same with the M3A1 half-tracks.  I couldn't tell the gun barrels from flash. There was a ton of flash on these models.  I'm not sure if I just got lucky or all GHQ models come like that. Anyway, putting these together tested my patience.

I based the vehicles, simply because I think that will protect the models. I think visually they look better without bases, but the gun barrels bend easily or those delicately glued machine guns will pop off at a touch.  I went with a very powdery flock for the bases. Static grass would look like elephant grass or worse. 

Storage for this army couldn't be easier. Everything fits right back in the box that it came in!  Here's the force in storage, lucky penny included. There's still space to expand.

I plan on using these models with Blitzkrieg Commander, thought they can go with a lot of different rules. Since everything here was pretty cheap, I'll probably get a few more forces to have different choices. Some friends have played Flames of War in this scale, and I'd be willing to try that out too!

So now I've got WW2 covered in micro armor, 15 mm, and 28 mm.That's good for a guy who had nothing for WW2 just over a year ago. All that's left is to conquer 20mm. Not that I plan to do that, but I should never rule out anything too soon.


Da Green Skins said...

Those look great Jerry. What I like about the scale is how easy they are to store and transport. I keep 3k in a small cigar box.

Jerry said...

Thanks Mike. I can definitely see how easy these are to carry around. I like being able to have big battles with a scale that looks good. These GHQ models look great up close too.

Mike G. said...

Blitzkrieg commander, here we come! Looks awesome Jerry.

Jerry said...

Thanks Mike, I can't wait to try these out!