Sunday, November 25, 2012

40K Ork Boyz

With GW cranking up prices, it's an odd time to be posting my 40K stuff.  I'm not really playing traditional 40K with these models anyway. But I still enjoy the 40K universe and I think their models (when not in "failcast" or "finecrap", anyway) are excellent.  So I've found other ways to enjoy the game.

Last Christmas I got the Black Reach boxed set and a box of Ork Boyz. It has been long in getting to these models, but I finally tackled the Orks. Despite being "push together" models, they are well-done and highly detailed. It took two weeks of my painting time to complete 20 Boyz and one Nob that I assembled from extra box of Orks.  I concentrated primarily on their flesh tones, which took the most time.  I think they came out looking good, and hopefully the pictures show it.

Here's the group shot, 18 Boyz with slugga and choppas, 2 big shootas and a Nob to lead them.

I wanted a more natural looking green, or at least something more subdued then the regular Ork paint jobs. I used Reaper Master paints Olive Drab triad and some washes to get the look I wanted. So there's several layers to build up to the highlights. Here are some close ups on a few of the boyz.

The picture of the Nob was out of focus, so I didn't post it. He's not too much different from the others anyway. I wanted to do something new with my basing colors too. So I have them on an "alien planet" on what is either red stone or clay. The colors went well with the models.

If I were painting a massive army of Orks (are they ever not massive?) I doubt I'd spend the time on the flesh tones like I did for these.  At 21 models, this is still not even a full squad. I have neither the inclination nor the money to do a full Ork army with 30 boyz per squad!

Outside of these, I have the warboss and five nobs to complete my Ork force. I'll hold off on the helicopter things until later. This is good enough for what I want to do.

So what do I want to do? Basically, I've created a solid adaptation of the Flying Lead rules by Ganesha Games. I bring in some special rules from their other games (I have all of them) and I've got myself a skirmish level game that plays fast. All Ganesha Games are easily solo friendly, and only require a few models per side. I think my "40K" adaptations only ever get to 8-10 models per side.

I've played this adaptation solo and with others, and it plays nicely. It's NOT 40K, but Flying Lead with a 40K inspired background and model abilities. So Orks act like Orks, Tau like Tau, etc. I've run the game with Tau, Necrons, Sisters of Battle, Tyranids, and Space Marines. The Nids need some work and I've yet to test the Orks. But otherwise, it's solid.

But beyond adapting other games, 40K is still playable and affordable at the lower points levels. I don't know why people who say they love the game but hate the price of it struggle with this. You don't have to play at 2000 points. You don't have to stick to the force organization chart. All of that is for competitive play or pick up games. If you're playing with friends, just play what you want. If morale gets tricky at small sizes, cook up a simple house rule or adapt from another game. It's not that hard. I think back to the Battle for MaCragge set and the scenarios they provided in the intro rules. That's what hooked me on the game, but I've hardly played that kind of game since.

Well, I bet no one read that rant. I don't blame you, actually. I'll shut up now and get on with painting the next project on my table:


Da Green Skins said...

Look at you Jerry, being all positive and stuff about GW. Your models look great and I agree with you. I like 40k at the smaller point value. I still have not purchased the new rule book because I will not pay that much for a set of rules.

Now your next project is something I am interested in playing with you. I have two starter boxes and the old rules. I need to get the current rules and give them a read. I wish you and I could get together more often and play. We both like playing different games.

Tim and I played GRUNTZ today and it was fun. We are still learning the rules and only had a few questions that need to be answered. Talk to you later.

Scott said...

Fine work Jerry. I love what you have done with the flesh tones - looks far more 'natural' (if that word can be applied to orks?) than the usual dayglow luminous greens they are often portrayed with...

Jerry said...

@DGS: Thanks! I'm hoping Dark Ages is as good as it looks on paper. Not sure about the d20, but at least you need to roll low! We'll talk more about Dark Ages!

@Scott: Thanks! I don't think Orks are natural either. But they have character. Back in the day when I painted WHFB orcs, I wanted them in these colors. I just didn't know how to do it then. I'm pretty satisfied with these guys now.