Saturday, December 1, 2012

Liebster Award

 Amazingly, I have been selected for a Liebster Award.  Since receiving this award, I've signed with a talent agency and have been referring to myself in the third person. Jerry is ready for his debut.

So Jerry must give a big thanks to Mike over at Da Greenskins for nominating him. This award comes with a short to-do list. Jerry must nominate five other blogs with under 200 followers. The idea is to share the love and raise awareness for lesser-known blogs.

Time for Jerry to make his nominations. Some of these blogs have already been nominated, but there was nothing in the rules for multiple nominations.  So Jerry is going for it!

Also, Jerry will no longer refer to himself in the third person, as his 15 minutes of fame ran out while selecting his five nominations. It was fun while it lasted.

Cursed Treasures is a blog I've been reading for years. It helps that Tim is a good friend of mine. I was shocked to find the blog had under 200 followers (but is close to it). Anyway, Tim runs some great events, has interesting ideas and commentary, and of course his miniatures and terrain look great. Well worth checking out.

Delta Vector is an awesome site. The real attraction for this blog is the in-depth game reviews. He covers a ton of different games in all scales. I generally look to this blog for opinions on a new game. Good stuff here.

10-4 Miniatures is a place I've just discovered, but I've been working through the posts. Lots of nicely done battle reports on a variety of games. He really puts time into the battle reports and it shows. He is also into a lot of different games, which I enjoy reading about. I highly recommend this blog.

Scott's War-gaming is another blog I've followed for a while. Scott posts regularly, writes great battle reports, and his figures and terrain pieces are outstanding. He's usually working on an interesting project or three, and checking out his site is worth your time.

Solo Nexus is an inspiration to me. JF has solo adaptations for a lot of miniature games, RPGs, and board games. The site is also a portal to other solo gaming sites. I've read every post on this blog, and a few of them multiple times. If you think solo games are just making two player games an anti-social experience, read this blog and open your mind.

So there you have it, five quality blogs with under 200 followers. Get clicking on those links!


Scott said...

LOL well done Jerry, a worthy award!

And thanks for the nomination :-)

I'll check out your other recommendations, some there I havent come across as yet.

Thats been something good about the Liebster - I got to find a lot of cool blogs I may not otehrwise have found, and my own blog hits have jumped about 33%!

Da Green Skins said...

You are a rock star Jerry

Jerry said...

@Scott, Thanks and I was happy to recommend your blog. I get a lot of inspiration from it.

@Mike, Now I just have to start living like a rock star! Thanks for the nomination.