Monday, December 17, 2012

Massive Victory for GW's IP Lawyers.... Evil Copycat Empire Destroyed!

Check out this article:

Games Workshop gets someone’s book yanked from Amazon for using the term “Space Marine”

I sort of get why GW goes after these things, especially where there's huge money involved. I also get that they have to go after everything, because they can't know what might become big. But can "Spots the Space Marine" honestly be confused with the dark future of the WH40K universe? Spots the Dreadnought. Spots the Deathwing Chapter Master.  Not really.

This is lame. GW's complaint is lame. Amazon's total lack of balls is lame. The whole thing creates a perpetual lameness engine.

Well, at least everyone at GW's headquarters is breathing a little easier now. Once again the day is saved.....


Scott said...

They really are a bunch of pricks...

I did note that RickP is creating another set of Sci-fi rules and setting, under Warlord Games... it will be interesting to see if that takes off and becomes a haven for disillusioned 40k players...?

Jerry said...

Somehow I missed your comment, Scott!

I haven't heard about the sci fi game RP is developing. If its similar to Bolt Action, then I'm in! I'd love an "escape" for another sci fi game.

I'm really wanting to try out Mantic's sci fi game. Just haven't got around to it yet. It has possibilities, too.