Monday, December 24, 2012

Blood Bowl Wood Elves

Blood Bowl has been a side project I've been putting off for a while. I played a game of Blood Bowl about six months ago and liked it. While I found it confusing, I did think the game is exciting and fun. So I decided to buy into the game and pick up my own team. I found a lot of different teams for sale, with some really cool character to them. I was struggling to pick one, originally leaning toward a human team of all nuns.

I was at my local game store when I found someone playing Blood Bowl with beautiful models from Greebo Miniatures. I immediately knew this was going to be my team. They are the Silvania Team, ostensibly for the Elf Ball game. I suppose they can represent a number of different teams, from Amazons to any of the Elves. Since they are supposed to be Wood Elves, that's how I'll probably play them.

While I loved the models, I hated the assembly. They were needlessly difficult to put together, with lots of microscopic bits. These are true 25mm scale, so they're not big. Now imagine having to glue a tiny hand onto an equally tiny wrist. Now imagine doing so with stubby, cigar shaped fingers.  It was hell. Then the arms kept popping off. Eventually I had to use green stuff and super glue to make things stick.  What a pain, so much so that I doubt I'll add on to this team like I originally planned.

Enough words. Here are the pictures, beginning with the full team.  Meet "The Green Glades"

So there are 13 lucky players here. I stole the name from the Blood Bowl video game, in case any one wants to point that out. I thought it worked nicely, at least until I can think of something else. I kept the colors simple. I haven't numbered any of the players, since I'm not sure how numbering sports teams "works".  I'll do it later. Here some more shots.

These are the linemen.. er linewomen. The three models in the front row were an absolute bitch to assemble.  The others required no assembly, my favorite type.

Next are two Wardancers, which are going to be blitzers for my team. As wood elves, I don't think they're going to be hurting many things on the pitch. Their crazy poses and blue ribbons make them stand out easily.

Since I understand wood elves to be about long passes and running, I have two catchers. They are both in running poses. These models have some of the worst faces of the team and I was disappointed with that. Fortunately, the faces are out of focus in these pictures!

  Lastly, here is the thrower for the team. This model is pretty cool, but top heavy from the hawk. I should probably weight the base. This model was not too bad to assemble, but the hole for the head was too shallow. So the head kept popping off. I'm sure it will happen again next time the model falls.

There you have it. Who knows when this team will ever be played. It's not like there are games of Blood Bowl breaking out all over the place around here. But I really wanted an excuse to have this team, and so all is well!


Da Green Skins said...

Jerry those look great, have a great holiday season and I hope to see you soon.

Jerry said...

Thanks Mike! You too!