Saturday, February 23, 2013

Savage Considerations

I've been leafing through my Savage Worlds book recently, and I've given some thought to trying it. I could use the game as-is, but have also considered their tabletop miniatures adaptation Showdown. My first thought was to do do something in a genre that I have no other rules to match. Spies and modern adventure came to mind. At the same time I had this idea, I was reading the Danger Girl comic collection. Say no more, my concept had arrived!

I planned to create my own team of Danger Girl operatives and use Savage Worlds to play these as a tabletop game. I didn't need to look too far for suitable models. Reaper's Chronoscope line has plenty to fit the bill.  So I ordered five blisters and painted them up.

Painting these models was a refreshing break from military drab colors. I seem to be endlessly painting military models these days. Anyway, the green and black model is my homage to the team's Danger Girl origins.  Otherwise, I just did whatever felt right at the time.

I've cooled off a bit on the original idea of getting these on the table. But now I have models ready for whenever I pick up again. The biggest challenge I have is collecting appropriate terrain and other models to be the "bad guys."  Since Danger Girl faces the neo-Nazi Hammer Empire, I thought my Dust Tactics Axis models could fit the bill. That gives me some incentive to get painting those too.

Well, back to military drab!


Da Green Skins said...

Very cool looking stuff Jerry. I heard good things about Savage Worlds miniature rules. Now I have to get back to painting military stuff LOL.

Jerry said...

Thanks Mike! I've been looking at Savage Worlds for an age, and I think the settings and rules look cool. One day I may try them out for real.

Scott said...

Always nice to see females in tight spandex ;-) Well done!

Mike G. said...

They look great. We can get them to the table. Savage Worlds looks good. It started as a miniatures game anyway.

Jerry said...

@Scott: Thanks! Yeah, that's always a plus when working on these projects. :)

@Mike G.: I'm figuring one of these days they'll get to the table The Savage Worlds rules look great for so many genres. I'm edging closer to buying the Weird WW2 books too.