Sunday, October 6, 2013

15mm WW2: Japanese Reinforcements

Quick update today on my 15mm WW2 project. I'm gearing up to start my next campaign, which will take place in the Pacific. Specifically, I'm building forces to match the needed figures for Britton Publishing's excellent campaign book, Operation Stalemate II. This is the 1st Marine Division's battle for Peleliu in 1944. I'm looking forward to it.

So, here's what I've got done this week.

Working left to right: eight knee mortars; the standing guys look like they've got leaf blowers instead of mortars to me. Next are three suicide bombers. They've got explosives strapped on their back and have a detonator in their hands, sad and gruesome models. I painted up three flamethrowers, though they aren't needed for the scenarios. Behind the flamethrowers are two models with antitank bombs on poles.  Finally, there are three heavy machine gun teams.

These are all Peter Pig models. I used Command Decision models for my main force, and these Peter Pig models are really small in comparison. The Command Decision models are significantly larger and don't mix so well.  In any case, these are specialists and not included in every scenario, so it's no matter.

To complete my Japanese I need some AT and infantry guns along with some light tanks. The tanks are proving hard to come by, even though Battlefront makes them. These tank models don't seem to be in stock anywhere.

On to the US Marines next!


Robert Brightwell said...

Looking good Jerry!

The funny thing is that Japanese are probably easier to collect in 28mm. Company B makes all sorts of Japanese tanks and trucks.

Jerry said...

Thanks Rob! You're right about 28mm being easier. It seems there's a ton of stuff. I did stumble upon Quality Castings which has a lot of Japanese 15mm, including unusual stuff. I'll see how they look next to my other models. I'm hoping they work well on the table.