Saturday, October 19, 2013

15mm WW2: More Marines

Another slow week at the painting table has passed. I finished several support units for my US Marines, four bazooka teams, two flamethrowers, and three .30cal water cooled MGs.  Here's the whole lot of them.

Click for a larger picture with more details.

Not much to write home about here. I realized I didn't order my mortars, so they're on the way.  These are all Peter Pig models. They don't scale so well with my Command Decision models, but nothing so bad that it becomes distracting.

Bazookas and flamethrowers need something to assault, so I painted my MG bunkers from Battlefront.

Nothing too spectacular here. I didn't really know how to weather the concrete, so I just left them with a fairly crisp paint job.  After they were done, I realized that these terrain pieces are quite small even for 15mm.

Here's a comparison with a Peter Pig model, which is a lot smaller than Battlefront's models.  The marine is out of focus, but you cans see the scale.  He looks passable outside the log bunker.

He starts to look a little small in front of the concrete bunker.

But if you flip the bunker around to see the door, the marine looks like a giant!

So what was Battlefront thinking when they designed these pieces?  That door is not big enough for a 15mm model's foot, never mind an MG team.  It looks more like a 6mm scale.

I won't let that prevent me from using the bunkers, but it was really disappointing when I found how small these bunkers actually are.  That kind of scale discrepancy throws me out of the game, but only when I pay attention to it.  I'll just have to not look too carefully, and I do have other terrain pieces that aren't really to scale.  It's all just meant to be a representation, anyway.

That's all for WW2 right now, though I'll be quickly returning to it. In the meantime, I'll be working on some Malifaux figures, and likely gluing my fingers together in the process.


Robert Brightwell said...

Looking good Jerry! If the bunkers are for the Pacific just add some flock and foliage to the backs and side to hide the features you don't like. It shouldn't take much. I would also wash the concrete with a really thinned down wash of the same color as you have on the base. This will weather them and tie them to the bases.

Jerry said...

Thanks, Rob! The bunkers will be for the Pacific, so I'll use your ideas. I really just have to hide the doors and things will look better.