Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Battle Chronicler Review

I like battle reports.  I enjoy reading them and writing them.  I enjoy writing battle reports about my winning the game.  But that doesn't happen all that often.  So I was thrilled to learn about Battle Chronicler, which is free software that creates some really sharp looking battle reports.  I downloaded it right away and decided to try it out on a game of Lord of the Rings.  I had played a game recently with Rob as part of the Tale of Four Gamers challenge.  It was a downright disaster for the Elves and I didn't feel like writing it up.  But when I found this software, I thought I'd give it a try.

The game was straightforward.  I think I remembered the gist of it.  Besides, I wanted to try the software.  So what follows is my attempt to use the software to report the battle I played two weeks ago.  I found the software semi-intuitive.  I was able to import Army Builder lists with ease.  But I've no idea how to use the freakin' software to make my report.  It's not as easy as advertised.  Also, LotR is different than the "infantry block" style of games this software wants you to talk about.  Since each model is it's own unit, I'm thinking to truly represent a game I'd have to enter each model as a separate entity.  Yikes.

So read on.  It's only semi-pretty because it's all screwed up.  For one, the Elves show up as individual models but can only be moved like an infantry block in the software.  Weird.  All in all, I think it would be worthwhile to learn how to use this.  But no manual exists and the forum sucks.  So you're almost on your own with it. Well, it's free!

Scenario: The High Ground
Date played: Friday, June 03, 2011

Elf Warband 175pts

General: Jerry

  • H Arwen Evenstar, Hero
    Expert Rider; Woodland Creature; Nature's Wrath; Elven Blade
    60 points
  • EB 3 Elf Warrior, Warrior
    Woodland Creature; Hand Weapon; Elf Bow; Heavy Armour
    33 points
  • EW 8 Warrior, Elf Warriors
    Woodland Creature; Hand Weapon; Heavy Armour
    80 points
  • Total: 173 points
Elf Bow: Range: 24"/56cm; Strength: 3; Move Penalty: Half
Elven Blade: May be used single handed or double handed (if not mounted) -1 Fight, +1 to roll on Wound chart.
Heavy Armour: +2 Defence.

Durin's Folk

General: Rob

  • MH Dwarf Captain, Minor Hero
    Hand Weapon; Armour; Shield
    65 points
  • DB 4 Dwarf Warrior, Warrior
    Hand Weapon; Dwarf Bow; Armour
    36 points
  • W 8 Dwarf Warrior, Warrior
    Hand Weapon; Armour; Shield
    72 points
  • Total: 173 points
Armour: +1 Defence.
Dwarf Bow: Range: 18"/42cm; Strength: 3; Move Penalty: Half
Shield: +1 Defence

Turn One: Elves and Dwarfs line up on different sides and run to conquer the hill.
Turn Two: Not much happening yet.
 Turn Three: The Elf bows come up and shoot at the Dwarfs, killing one! The Elves hide behind the hill, not daring to pop up in front of the dwarf bows. Dwarfs return fire and kill one archer.
 Turn Four: Elves engage the Dwarfs on the high ground but lose their fights. Two are killed. The archers move up senselessly into Dwarf bow range and exchange shots. One of the Elf archers dies. Arwen tries to cast a spell but it is resisted.
 Turn Five: The Elves are pushed back and the Dwarfs gain the hill. They have a bad time of it and two more are killed. The lone archer runs for the hill. Arwen moves out of the fight and tries her last attempt at the use of a spell. The Dwarf Captain resists it. The last Elf archer gets on the hill. Arwen engages in combat. The Elf Warriors lose more fights, but manage to take out a Dwarf at last!
 Turn Six to End of Game: The Dwarf bowmen gain the hill and complete the surrounding of the Elves. After this, it is a slaughterfest and all the Elves are killed to the last one. Major victory for the Dwarfs.
So there it is.  Sort of mumble-jumbled as I learned the software.  It's really interesting but not as easy as it is made out to be.  I suppose if you were reporting on the infantry block style games or even 40K, it would be easier.  Also the actual battle had more stuff happening in it, like the special rule for wind knocking everyone down.  The kill counts aren't accurate either.  But you get the idea of the software by now.


Drunken Samurai said...

Pretty cool. I have been wanting to check this out for a while.

Jerry said...

I think I've figured out how to work it for skirmish games. You take each of your basic warrior types and enter in the data for that one model. Then you can save that type as part of a template. When you go to create your lists for the battle report, all you have to do is add each figure in from the template for as many of that troop type you need.

At least that's the theory. I'll try it out again and let you know what happens.