Sunday, June 26, 2011

Next Project: 28mm WWII

I've made a decision to collect 28mm WW2 figures.  No one I know is actively playing WW2 in 28mm on a regular basis.  There really are no rules popular enough to get support from a wide audience.  Flames of War is about it for WW2 games in my area, and it's 15mm at that.  While I like FoW, its scope is more than I want and I tend to feel "detached" from the game when playing it.  I guess it's basically a tournament style game with WW2 flavoring.  So for a long time I didn't want to sink effort and money into something I'd paint and put away.  (Witness the Viking army that I played twice before shoving in a closet for the rest of eternity.)

However, once I found Nuts! I realized that I could play 28mm WW2 as often as I wanted.  The rules are written for either solo or cooperative play.  So now I have an excuse to invest money into these figures.  Additionally I can use these models in any other WW2 28mm rules set.  So whenever someone does want to play a 28mm WW2 game, I'm ready for it!

I'm taking this from ground zero, meaning I have nothing in my collection besides paints to get started.  I purchased a bunch of US and German models to start.  I'm painting the US Infantry squads first and then the German infantry models.  Rather than bore you with a list of everything, I'll just say I have about 30 models per side both with basic troops and specialists. 

Here's a sample of my first group of models for the US, all leader models but for one rifleman.
When I think of WW2 battlefields, I think of mud.  So I'm keeping the basing along that theme.  I've actually painted a lot more of these figures since I took this picture.  So I'll post up the US squads once completed, then it's on to the Nazis!

If that's not bad enough, I ordered 40+ Japanese infantry in 28mm this morning!  I got the Nuts! supplement for War Against Japan, and am eager to try that out.  So there will be a lot of WW2 coming up soon!


Drunken Samurai said...

Welcome to the madness Jerry. I have lots of stuff for this - US company, Soviet company, couple platoons of Germans, couple platoons of Fallschirmjagers, british, british paras, Itilian Alpini. Bunch of vehicles. What Japanes did you buy?

Jerry said...

Yeah, I plan to branch out into other areas once I get these batches of troops done. Maybe USMC will be next, followed by Soviets. I haven't planned it out beyond knowing I'm going to build up as much as I can.

I bought the West Wind Japanese. I saw that Warlord announced they'll be making Japanese for Bolt Action. But I didn't want to wait. I hope the West Wind models look comparable to the Crusader models. The 28mm WW2 Japanese are not that common. So there's not a lot of choice, at least from what I found.

Tim Kulinski said...


You are painting a ton of figures friend, hell maybe Saguaro Painting needs to higher you to do some painting!!! LOL

Great looking models man, will have to see them in person this week.