Friday, June 24, 2011

A Tale of Four Lord of the Rings Gamers, Phase Two

So it's time again to post up the 350pt force for the second phase of the challenge.  I've made one change up to the list.  I've added a Stormcaller to lead the force.  Arwen was nice, but she was killed at least three times previously.  I think she's been pulped enough to pull her from the ranks.  The Stormcaller is the same points cost, and has one extra spell and a better defense than Arwen.  He has lower courage and fight value, but he's still an Elf.   The "wild channeling" rule could make him better than Arwen.  I don't think he's a "game changer" but I like the model and wanted to try him out.

As for rank and file, I've added in nine spearmen.  I also fit in six more bowmen and one more warrior.  So I've got 28 models in this force, which is still going to be massively outnumbered.  I was just shy of being able to take that tenth bow for volley fire.  It's probably not that important.

I'm learning that to play Elves correctly, you've got to play like the other Elf players who drive you crazy.  That is, just stand at the far end of the table and shoot.  Don't move even if the scenario requires it.  Stand on the hill and shoot.  Back up 3" and shoot.  By the time you're engaged, you might have killed one or two models and made it all worth your while!

Here are the boys.  (Capes by Armani.  Armor designs by Hugo Boss)


Da Green Skins said...

Very nice models Jerry. You are really going to want that volley fire.

Jerry said...

Yeah, I tried every way I could to squeeze in that extra archer. BUt unless I do something strange like drop the armor on the Elves I can't get the extra three models into the list. Next time I guess.