Sunday, January 22, 2012

Finishng Up With the Sisters of Battle

This week was my "mop up" campaign with the Sisters of Battle.  I managed to snag a few more deals on eBay about a month ago.  I wanted to get these off the painting table and be done with them.  I'm still flush with "New Year's Resolution Fervor" and plan to stick to the goal of keeping down the count of unpainted miniatures I acquire this year.

Without further ado, here's what I've got.

I spotted this pair of Stormbolter Sisters on eBay as a buy one get on free special.  Couldn't walk away from that.  Too bad they're the same pose.  But I've given up on pose variety for this SoB force.

 I added another Veteran Superior so that I can now have three squads of ten or so Sisters each.  I also found a Heavy Bolter Sister.  I'm not sure how good one is on her own.... but what the heck!

Here come the flag wavers.  These were both donated by Tim over at Cursed Treasures.  I have to make a flag for the actual standard bearer.  That's a project for another day, like when I actually might need that.

 At last here's my helpful Sister Hospitaller.  You can't really see it in this picture, but I painted eyebrows on her.  I have a pet peeve with figure painters who brush in these enormous, over-sized eyes on their models but fail to put on eyebrows. The Hospitaller shown on the GW site is expertly painted, but the poor girl had her eyebrows shaved off.  Why?  Some day take a look at a person at a distance.  The person's eyes are nothing more than dots with no details visible at all.  Why paint your minis with more detail than you could actually see?  It not only makes eyes disproportionate but also makes the model look like it suffers from Graves Disease.  Figures look better, in my opinion, with small understated dots in proportionately sized whites.

Well, that was a digression.  I feel better now.  Here's the picture.

That's all for now.  My mind is wandering to other things, having now thoroughly scratched my itch to collect and paint some Sisters of Battle.  At some future point, I'd like to add some Repentia for flavor, and maybe a Rhino or Immolator.  With the next edition of 40K sure to be a topic of hot debate and intense dislike, I bet these girls won't even hit the table.... at least in a 40K game. 


Da Green Skins said...

You have a really nice collection of girls to play with now. I hope the new rules improve the game so that they can get some table time. What is next for you is the bigger question.

Jerry said...

Thanks Mike. I hope so too. As for what's next, I'm not sure. I have a bunch of WW2 Germans and Japanese to paint and a brand new WW2 Russian force. But I also have Orks that I got for Xmas. I'm thinking WW2 is probably my next project.