Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sisters of Battle Seraphim

Toward the end of last year I picked up a bunch of Sisters of Battle Seraphim models from eBay and Chaos Orc Superstore.  While still expensive, this collection came in at half price!  Some of the models had paint or missing parts.  I was able to fix all that, thankfully.  My only complaint, if I can call it that, is that I ended up with two squads of five rather than one squad of ten. The lots I got both had Veteran Superiors, meaning I had either enough models for two squads of five, or one squad of nine with a throw-away.  It's not a big deal, especially since they probably will never see a game of 40K anyway!

Here's a close up of a Veteran Superior (with power sword) and a Seraphim with two hand flamers.  The Vet Superior didn't have anything to attach the model to the base.  I had to use brass rods to mount the model.  It actually looks better than the others.  If I were more ambitions, I'd have done all ten that way.

The following shots show one squad, and then the two squads together.

Again, besides the great background stories of the Sisters, what attracts me to this army are the awesome sculpts. If I had to complain, it just seems there's a severe shortage of poses for these Seraphim.  There's only two poses in my ten models.  It might just be the luck of the draw.

I have a few more Sisters of Battle to do. A friend of mine donated two more and I have two Sisters with Stormbolters and one with a Heavy Bolter.  I picked up a Hospitaller model as well.  She'll be my medic when I use these models for 5150.

After I complete these, it will be time to move on to something else.


myincubliss said...

Alas, there were only a couple of sculpts for these beauties, although the old sister superior was quite nice (the one with a power sword held up in a 'to infinity and beyond!' kinda pose). Maybe one day I'll get round to painting mine... (they've been sat in their box since they were actually quite reasonably priced is how long I've procrastinated...)

Jerry said...

I wish I had invested in Sisters years ago. I could've had a full blown force for a reasonable price, plus some of the other poses.

On the brighter side, I noticed that the dual hand flamer Sister adds a third pose to my squad. That's a 33% improvement over where I started!

Drunken Samurai said...

Nice stuff Jerry!

Jerry said...

Thanks DS!

Da Green Skins said...

Your models look great Jerry, keep up with your painting.

Jerry said...

Thanks Mike!

Joel said...

exchange links?