Sunday, March 25, 2012

GW Announces Dry Paint! WOOOOOHOOOOO!

Hey, just checking in with everyone.  I haven't got around to documenting my recent projects, which haven't been much.  I've had a week off, too, but was wasteful with my time.

So Games Workshop has announced their new line of paints.  I just don't know how I've been doing it all these years without 145 different colors.  But from today forward every new GW paint guide will surely explain why I need 86 different colors to paint my skeleton warriors.

But the best thing yet is the announcement for dry paint. At $3.70 plus tax these paints are a steal!  Think of how long it used to take GW paints to dry out.  Why.... it usually took me 2-3 days after opening a paint pot for it to coalesce into gel.  But now you buy dry paint.  Genius!!!  To quote another game, "Time is money, friend."  Thanks GW! You're always thinking of the hobbyist.

I'm particularly glad that GW stayed away from paint names that are pronounceable.  Who wants to hear about light reds or burnt oranges?  I'd much rather have fun laughing at people as they stumble through Jokaero Orange, Coelia Greenshade, or (personal favorite here) Fuegan Orange.  Talk about a fuegan blast!

Well, I could just go on and on like a silly little fanboi. But I've got go create a flowchart on how to use the base, shade, layer 1, layer 2, dry, glaze, texture, and technical paints in the right order.  I wouldn't want to fuck it all up!


Da Green Skins said...

So if I am reading your post correctly, you are happy about the new paint. I am happy with all the name changes. I am so happy I started switching over to P3 paints.

Jance Nave said...

I'm actually really excited for this change. It marks another milestone on the road to fully boycotting GW products! Three cheers for progress!

Jance Nave said...
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Jerry said...

Yes Mike, I'm so over joyed at the new GW paints that I've moved over to Reaper paints.

Jance, Precisely! At this point I can no longer afford them for anything more than a miscellaneous model.... which I'll use for a non GW game!