Friday, March 2, 2012

More Fantasy

With no major projects lined up, I've been digging into my bag of unpainted Reaper miniatures.  I went a little crazy after discovering Song of Blades and Heroes last summer.  I picked up a lot of models for various warband ideas.  I'm just now getting to them.   Here's what I completed.

First up are my Centaurs.  Centaurs seem under-represented in most fantasy games, at least in skirmish games.  I saw that SBH had rules for them and thought they'd mix with my Elves.  As I consider things, I don't know if Elves and Centaurs are good allies.  But I imagine Centaurs to be neutral and they can fit in with anything.

These are all Reaper Warlord line models.  It really ticks me off that they do not scale together despite being the same company and line.

The middle guy is gigantic next to the other two.  Fortunately, as a non-human, all sorts of sizes can be justified.  I imagined him as the leader/elder/king of the little group.  So he's the biggest.  I even gave him gray streaked hair for extra nobility.  (I've been telling my wife that my gray streaks make me look distinguished.  Not sure she buys that.) 

I think Reaper makes another Centaur or two, and I'll pick those up someday. A word of warning, Reaper's Zodiac models are tiny.  I picked up Sagittarius as another Centaur and it couldn't even pass as a young one.

Here are a few others I picked up because I liked the models.  I'll start with the excellent Talarand model.

 He will make a good evil warrior or chaos warrior.  He was a ton of fun to paint and I've wanted this model for years.  I just decided to get him this time around.

Next are a few Dark Elves.  I painted them as Drow. I see so many pure white skinned Dark Elves that I miss the true Drow that they are modeled after.  If ever get any other Dark Elf models, they'll be painted this way.  First up is what I'm calling the "Queen's Champion."

I like the wiry but deadly look of this model.  Of course he wouldn't be much of a Queen's Champion without a queen.  So  here she is.

This model is an absolutely gorgeous sculpt.  Surprisingly it came as a three part model, which ticked me off.  I hate fiddling with small bits.  But the model has a nice flow to the design.  I enjoyed painting the queen and love her commanding "come here, slave" pose.

Reaper makes a lot of nice looking Drow models. I'll definitely pick up more and make a complete Drow warband. 

Even if I haven't played SBH in 4-5 months, I really enjoy creating and painting these warbands.  It's a lot of fun, and not a lot of models are required.  If you haven't checked out the game, it is an excellent fantasy skirmish game that is good for quick games with friends.  Go to Ganesha Games to check them out.

You'll also notice I started mounting models on round bases.  While I have almost all fantasy models on square bases, I've decided to mount everything on rounds from now on.  It just makes sense, since I will use them for skirmish games and not "army based" games.  While that means I'll have a mix of rounds and squares on the table, I'm not too worried. One day the rounds will outnumber the squares!


Scott said...

Very nice painting there Jerry!

Jerry said...

Thanks! I almost feel bad about sticking them in a box and forgetting them. But at least they're ready to go when I need them someday.