Sunday, March 11, 2012

Samurai in Kimonos

This week I turned my eye on my samurai miniatures for Legends of the Rising Sun.  I have a bunch of Perry Miniatures that have been sitting in my painting area for a while.  Since I didn't have much time for painting this week, I thought these would paint up quickly.

Legends of the Rising Sun is a game no one in my local group appears to have much interest in.  Maybe if I keep painting this stuff, it might catch on. I'd like to see how the game works on the table.

Here are unarmored samurai that I hope to use as ronin or bosses for a yakuza force.  I'll probably add in some other models that are less "awesome" than these guys, just regular bad guys with hand weapons.  For now, here are the Six Samurai (that's all you get in a box; the Perry Bros obviously didn't see the movie).

These Perry minis are without peer.  The faces on each of these guys is distinct and unique.  I loved the detail and the poses.  They are just excellent models all around.  I had considered going crazy with kimono designs.  But realizing that these models are going into a box to never be removed didn't provide much motivation for going all out. 

I also took three different sets of pictures and none of them really did any justice to the paint job.  The painting was much better than how they appear in these photos.  I guess too close up things don't look very smooth.

Next are my Ashigaru spearmen.  After that, I'll have to think about what's next.


Da Green Skins said...

Very good looking stuff keep up the painting, doing better then me.

Jerry said...

Thanks Mike! I'm just trying to keep a trickle of progress. This is important to keeping my overall enthusiasm up. As I've found if I'm not painting figs, I tend to drift off to other things and not come back easily.

Tim Kulinski said...


I am offended, you know I want to do LothRS, just have not been able to get my samurai done.

Those look good man, now when are we going to play????

Jerry said...

I'm ready when you are! I've got stuff painted and ready to go, as you know.

I didn't meant to offend. I just haven't heard anything about this game from anyone other than you. To me, it seems there's not too much interest.

Mike G. said...

Hey, I told you I would play too :) I have some samurai laying around too.

Jerry said...

I stand corrected. There is some interest in my local area for this game!