Saturday, January 26, 2013

Bolt Action Painting Challenge, Part One

OK, first 250 points of Soviets for Bolt Action are complete. As I mentioned in my last post, I had to break up the second squad to keep under the points for the month. Here's the first group.

So that's a Second Lieutenant and an extra rifleman.
The main body of this batch was an infantry squad of 11 men w/ LMG, SMG, and 8 anti-tank grenades.

And since I only had infantry models for this go around, I put together the start of another squad to round out the 250 points.

  So that's it for January. Next month I will continue painting infantry to complete the second squad and add in some support weapons to fill out the points. I'm wondering where my other two challengers are in their monthly quota. I haven't heard or seen anything, but there are six days left. So maybe they're waiting for a last minute reveal. 

Ok, I'll be back with more Bolt Action Soviets in February!


Da Green Skins said...

The first one to post, you are a Rock Star. They look great keep up the good work.

Jerry said...

Thanks, Mike! I'm looking forward to seeing what you've got done.

Drunken Samurai said...

Nice work!

Jerry said...

Thanks, DS!

Anonymous said...

They look great! The colours seem to work well for the Soviet uniforms. Which paints are you using (i.e. from the modelling section of a book, or what you think looks appropriate)?

I'm just getting into Bolt Action, and hopefully your challenge will inspire and motivate me :)

Jerry said...

Hey 10-4, Thanks! I used all Reaper paints and did a wash with Delvan Mud.

Here's what I used from Reaper:
Khaki Shadow for the uniform
Terran Khaki for the great coats
Military Green for the helmets
Driftwood Brown for the packs
Blackened Brown for the rifles
Oiled Leather for belts, etc
Adamantium Black for metal parts

I love the working properties of the Reaper Master paints and highly recommend them.

I did cheat a bit here and used GW's Talarn Flesh for the skin. I'm just using up that pot, but won't replace it when it's done.