Friday, January 4, 2013

Strippers with Swords!

A while back I bought a package of Blood Vestals and their leader figure from Raging Heroes. My intention was to use them for my Twilight Kin army. Well, they're a little too pricey to make a 20 model unit. I put them in my box of unpainted models and left them there until recently.

So here they are in all their stripper with swords glory.

The poses on some are somewhat wacky and impractical. One looks like she wrenched her back out of place. But on the whole these models are exquisitely sculpted. In fact, my paint job probably ruins some of the detail and beauty of the faces. But I guess it's not as bad as some paint jobs.

I digress. I'll probably end up working these into a fantasy game at some point as "evil elves." I gave them glowing green eyes to make them look suitably sinister. Due to the gratuitous flesh the models themselves lacked much opportunity to bring in color. So I used their hair to create variation.  Also I was a little miffed that the leader model doesn't scale correctly to the other models.

I mean, come on. The difference isn't too bad, but it's a little ridiculous that models from the same company that are meant to form a group don't scale together. I matched them up to my GW Witch Elves, which is what I assume these models are supposed to represent. The leader came closer to the scale of GW, but overall they were a fairly good match. The Raging Heroes models are a little smaller. I hesitate to say "realistic" as their waist size probably would not allow for any internal organs. But this is fantasy.

Overall I'm happy with the way these came out. I don't have an immediate use for these models, but I enjoyed painting them. It was a good lesson in painting smoothly highlighted flesh.


Scott said...

I have only one criticism, and it is typical of how figure sculptors depict female warriors - they always sculpt them with too many clothes on...

Jerry said...

No doubt some sort of conspiracy.