Friday, December 27, 2013

Filling in Mortar Holes

.... Holes in my collection, that is. I made a glaring omission in my 15mm Imperial Japanese Army collection, namely a medium mortar team. I had assumed a lot of the scenarios I'd be playing for Operation Stalemate II had the medium mortars off-board. On closer reading, many scenarios have these mortars on the table, and I have no models to represent these teams.

So, Peter Pig and Brookhurst Hobbies came to my rescue. I really like the Peter Pig range, even if they're a little on the expensive side for 15mm. Brookhurst has been great to deal with, and they seem to have all Peter Pig in stock whenever I need it. I can order on a Monday and the models will generally be at my door by Friday.

I also discovered that I left off medium mortars for both my US and German forces, so I ordered those at the same time.  Now I'm covered.  Here are pictures of the completed teams: Japanese, German, and US.

Each pack comes with two complete teams, as you might've guessed. While I don't think I'll ever need two on the table at once it's really no big deal to paint both teams. This is one of the great benefits of 15mm: speed of painting. The models have as much detail as 28mm, except in the faces, but a lot less surface area.

This is sort of random, and I'm only posting because I painted it at the same time as these teams. Here's a Battlefront US Greyhound armored car. I wanted one for use in my Platoon Forward campaign, but didn't have a specific need for it like the mortars. Anyway, I'm sure this will get used eventually.

That's it for this update. I've got plenty of stuff on the table yet to do. I'll be back soon.


Da Green Skins said...

Look great Jerry. Next time I go out to Cal I will let you know and I can pick you some stuff.

Jerry said...

Thanks Mike!

Tim Kulinski said...

Brook hurst is amazing, I still say we should all take a little road trip out there, I have a new truck that can carry four of us! Great work man, looks good.

Jerry said...

Thanks Tim!

Brookhurst has really been great for all these hard to get lines. I'm going to be doing 1/600 scale planes soon, and Brookhurst has me covered. That store is great!